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Post filter is an easy to use CHROME extension which helps you to keep your Facebook feed clean.

👥 The Post Filter Chrome Extension allows Facebook users to control their news feed.

🚫 Users can set the extension to show no ads, only ads, or a mixture of both in their Facebook feed.

🔍 This extension facilitates a quick review of the ads being shown, enabling users to delete or "like" ads, which could lead to receiving more relevant ads.

📝 The next release promises a filter for both posts and ads based on user-defined keywords.

💡 This feature can be beneficial for both marketers and non-marketers.

🗂️ It can filter out specific types of posts, such as political content or posts related to a particular topic like COVID-19.

📸 For instance, photographers can use this extension to see posts about a specific camera model.

🔄 Users will have the option to remove all ads, show only ads, or display all posts.🔑 Further settings include displaying or hiding posts containing certain keywords.

🖥️ This extension operates in various places, including the main Facebook feed, personal Facebook walls, any Facebook group, and any Facebook page.

💰 The extension is currently available for a one-time cost of $10.

🎁 Preordering also provides entry into a contest to win lifetime licenses for 7 core software apps or an optional gift card.

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genius post filter

Customize your Facebook Feeds. Filter ads or posts from your newsfeed, groups, pages or profile based on keywords.

How to use Genius Post Filter for Facebook:

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